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Increasing shareholder and enterprise value through strategic and synergistic acquisitions can be an effective means to adding new products and markets as well as staying a step ahead of the competition.
Successful acquisitions, however, do not happen accidentally. ClearCap has developed a systematic approach and methodology that covers all of the bases. From assisting ownership and management in clearly defining the acquisition objectives, to identifying potential targets, establishing confidential contact protocols and executing the target search project, ClearCap implements acquisition search programs that allow management to focus on growing the core business while being able to confidentially review strategic target opportunities that fit their acquisition criteria.
Contact us to discuss how an acquisition search project may be able to significantly enhance your shareholder value and improve your liquidity, growth and exit options.


Acquisition Search Project Steps


  • Establish Strategic Objectives
  • Establish Target Search Methodologies
  • Establish Acquirer Project Tools
  • Identify and Research Targets
  • Validate Targets
  • Execute Target Contact Campaign
  • Qualify and Value Targets
  • Organize Meetings and Conference Calls
  • Prepare and Submit Offers and LOIs
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Negotiate Transaction Documents
  • Close Transaction
  • Integrate Acquisition


ClearCap Acquisition Search Targets


  • BPO / Transaction Processing
    • High Volume
    • Mature Technology
    • Niche Market
    • Management
  • Healthcare / Wellness
    • Employee Benefit Orientation
    • Insurance Centric Model
    • Individualized Programs
  • Food Products
    • Niche Products
    • Condiments and Confectionary
    • Established Brands

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